A Day In The Life (of a car)

Ready, Set, ….GO!































Peace, im audi



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High Grade


reppin de islnd – berm beerrrmm!

(also pretty wicked tune by BUSY SIGNAL )




P.S.   Most Ridiculous Add I’ve Seen On The Internet:


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Summ summa

Summer is off to a greaaaat start. try not to lose complete control. 

And now that being lazy is in season… you’ll mostly likely only be seeing short video clips posted on this site.. if anything.

This song should wake you up from your fall, winter and spring stupor and get you ready for a whole new state of mind.

Summer is here, GETIT!

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Strictly Comedy

I went to the movies the other night to see Observe and Report. Don’t waste your time, seriously. Even though I left disappointed I arrived in time to catch the trailer of what looks like a great movie coming out soon (July 5th-ish). A true comedy. With quality actors like Zach Galifianakis ( from Out Cold ) and a pretty original plot line, i’m hoping it will turn out as funny as the trailer was.

Take a look:

(better quality here)

After seeing Observe and Report, pretty much any other movie looks good to me but some with potential are Land of The Lost and Up.

Oh and of course … Bruno

Sacha’s done it again, Peace OJ

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Russia – Shaken not Stirred

Russia, Russia, Russia, damn what a place. Yes, It’s cold. Yes, it’s dirty and yes, the average standard of living probably sucks…. but it looks fuckin cool. The landscapes, cities, and lifestyles are like no other. Maybe I’m so enthralled because its simply foreign as fux. I can only imagine what it would be like to live there – it would suck. However, to spend some time there would be well worth the flight.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia (4,111 miles from Boston, MA)

Unfortunately Russia is massive. If you are lucky enough to visit you would definitely have to plan out your trip very carefully to make sure you get the most out of your time. The cities and architecture are probably one of the most popular aspects for visitors. How could they not be, right?










The foreignness of Russia I think is what gets me. The lifestyle of its people is one that I and presumably everyone I know can not relate too. These motherfuckers are krazy (which is why the place is so cool).






I don’t even know what Russia’s deal is. Basically on the other side of the world from where I am now, I’m sure crazy Russian shit is going down. Without a doubt. –Mad Foreignness 

Despite the beauty that Russia has to offer, most people are proably saying, “Russia, why Russia? – its cold as balls there.” And your right. Mad coldness. Russia takes the word cold to a whole new level.


Russian Winter



These Russian winters look miserable, but that’s part of the adventure. Rural areas of Russia are probably nothing less than amazing to see but if you managed to drive out to the suburbs or the non-industrialized landscapes and thier scenery, I’m sure it would seem as if you’ve stumbled into a whole new world.



Sure these people are weird, but the Russians have sick stuff over there. Can you imagine all the shit that goes on over there that we have no clue about? I bet most of you haven’t even heard of an ecranoplane before (on the left, submarine on the right).


what do they even use that thing for nowadays?

Whether they use it for hunting sea-monsters or flying through snow storms ( i have no idea), the Russians know how to keep their pimp hand strong. Roll out. 


For a sweet site to check out more russian variance click here

(Not to mention they have a great sense of humor and their own facts about Obama apparently)


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Propeller Island City Lodge

I’m not sure exactly how I came across this place but if you suddenly find yourself spending time in Berlin be sure to set up camp at this spot. The Propeller Island City Lodge is by far the most unique and creative hotel I know of (…in Berlin, that is). Whether or not it should be categorized under a hotel or a another form of lodging, this place offers incredibly unique  rooms. Each room is constructed specifically to embody a distinct theme – some so befuddling they must be seen to be believed. So if your looking for an intense and interesting sleeping experience -one you can’t quite get from The Grand Hyatt Hotel,The Alma Schlosshotel Im Grunewald, or  The Brandenburger Hof Hotel-  then this is your inglenook.


Propeller Island City Lodge Entrance

Propeller Island City Lodge Entrance

Whether your into sleeping in coffins, flying beds, a temple, upside down, or a room full of mirrors, this place will have something to enchant you. Each room is named accordingly to it’s theme. A few examples are Space Cube, Symbol Room, Upside Down, Chicken Curry and Two lions ( deemed the sweet of the hotel and yes, it comes with two iron lion cages). Check out the website to see it for yourself.


Symbol Room

Symbol Room


Two Lions

Blue Room

Blue Room

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Notorious B.I.G. and Ol’ Blue Eyes? who woulda thought…


Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra (Freshest Tux)

Everyday Struggle

Check out Runnin (Victory 2004) – A Long Night too, can’t find a site for download (but its a great chune for blazin)

some of the other songs on the site above are worth sampling also

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