Propeller Island City Lodge

I’m not sure exactly how I came across this place but if you suddenly find yourself spending time in Berlin be sure to set up camp at this spot. The Propeller Island City Lodge is by far the most unique and creative hotel I know of (…in Berlin, that is). Whether or not it should be categorized under a hotel or a another form of lodging, this place offers incredibly unique  rooms. Each room is constructed specifically to embody a distinct theme – some so befuddling they must be seen to be believed. So if your looking for an intense and interesting sleeping experience -one you can’t quite get from The Grand Hyatt Hotel,The Alma Schlosshotel Im Grunewald, or  The Brandenburger Hof Hotel-  then this is your inglenook.


Propeller Island City Lodge Entrance

Propeller Island City Lodge Entrance

Whether your into sleeping in coffins, flying beds, a temple, upside down, or a room full of mirrors, this place will have something to enchant you. Each room is named accordingly to it’s theme. A few examples are Space Cube, Symbol Room, Upside Down, Chicken Curry and Two lions ( deemed the sweet of the hotel and yes, it comes with two iron lion cages). Check out the website to see it for yourself.


Symbol Room

Symbol Room


Two Lions

Blue Room

Blue Room


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