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High Grade


reppin de islnd – berm beerrrmm!

(also pretty wicked tune by BUSY SIGNAL )




P.S.   Most Ridiculous Add I’ve Seen On The Internet:



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Summ summa

Summer is off to a greaaaat start. try not to lose complete control. 

And now that being lazy is in season… you’ll mostly likely only be seeing short video clips posted on this site.. if anything.

This song should wake you up from your fall, winter and spring stupor and get you ready for a whole new state of mind.

Summer is here, GETIT!

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Notorious B.I.G. and Ol’ Blue Eyes? who woulda thought…


Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra (Freshest Tux)

Everyday Struggle

Check out Runnin (Victory 2004) – A Long Night too, can’t find a site for download (but its a great chune for blazin)

some of the other songs on the site above are worth sampling also

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Getting started

Alright World, so here’s a little taste of things that i have come across on your wide web.

I’ll start you off with an awesome tune,The Parachute Ending, if i can figure out how to upload it….


Parachute Ending - birdy nam nam

Parachute Ending - birdy nam nam

Ok, so the best i can do is provide some linkage

(the tune starts off rough but then gets good just like i’m hoping this site will do)

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